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Our team at Fundraiser Assist was built to help fundraising projects, big or small. Achieve maximum earnings on every fundraiser and then keep 100% of hard-earned funds. Our robust fundraising platforms combined with decades of fundraising experience and instructional assistance will provide organizations with all the tools needed to achieve top level success with ease and efficiency. Fundraiser Assist provides the tools to sustain a championship program. All it takes is the right system.

simple & robust system

Your time is important. Our system does not inundate you or your team with data and extras you don’t need or use. We customize our system to provide you precisely with what you need to manage and operate your fundraiser to be outstanding simple and efficient.

Easy Setup process

Fundraiser setup is quick and straightforward. Just follow our system of step-by-step inputs, and your fundraiser will be up and running quicker than you can say Lift-A-Thon. Once set up, you have the flexibility to start and end your fundraiser on your schedule.

Increased Profits

Our system is designed to ask for a minimum $50, resulting in higher donations not only due to the prompts but also because the donor is supporting an effort–not just a request to donate. Our player/participant tool creates a bond with the donor.

A Fresh Look at fundraising

Our platform fundraiser is 100% free to use. When users donate on an organization’s website powered by Fundraiser Assist software, they have the option of providing our team with a small tip of $1 to $3. They can also choose not to tip. We take that risk. Our system requests donors to cover the credit card processing fees for our clients so charity work can do what it always intended: keep 100% of donations. In almost all cases, your donors will cover these fees. 

You Lead the Fundraiser.
We provide you with the tools.

You know how to motivate your team. We provide you with all the tools you need to quickly and easily create and execute a successful fundraising campaign.

  • Step-by-step input fields providing a guide through the fundraiser creation.


  • Prompts to add visuals and important information for potential donors.


  • Ability to receive personal support as needed.


  • Provided fundraising app with step-by-step instructions and input fields for Players/Participants to complete their profiles and begin sharing their personalized links to the fundraiser.


  • System with tracking for Players/Participants to share their personalized fundraising links through texts, emails, and social media.


  • A provided system for Players/Participants to see who opened their emails and clicked their links to know when and how to follow up if the donation has not yet been received.
  • A visually inviting and informative presentation page personalized to the Player/Participant inviting potential Donors to support your program cause and reward the Player/Participant efforts.


  • A complete management system providing information on Player/Participant activity, success rates, pledges received, and profits earned.


  • Managed options for providing prizes to increase Player/Participant motivation.


  • Personal email sharing best practices for achieving the highest success in your fundraising efforts.


  • Step-by-step input fields for closing the fundraiser and receiving your funds.

What makes us the right choice?

Over 35 years of combined fundraising experience raising tens of millions of dollars for school teams and organizations.

More than 40 years of company management experience including marketing, sales, general management, operations and customer service.

15 years of experience in developing and managing websites and apps.

Knowledge and success leads to knowledge and success.

Reap all of the rewards from your efforts.

Is performance-based fundraising really the best way to fundraise?

Performance based fundraising creates and promotes valuable relationships among organization teams, programs, and supporters. Team members can take pride in sharing their goals with their supporters and communicating with them the results of their performance afterward. Supporters will connect with the team members as they privately cheer them on in their efforts, and their affinity for your program will grow. And, what a great way to create team bonding as team members motivate one another toward reaching their goals.

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